Monday, 21 April 2014

Beach debri or just a lost moment in time

We often find stuff on the beach.  The usual as you can imagine...seashells, seaweed (although we don't get a lot of seaweed).  At this time of year and throughout the summer we find stuff...lost in the sea by surfers, swimmers, canoeists ...well, whoever happens to have been about.  Very often sunglasses seem to appear, covered in sand having spent a few hours swishing about in the ocean (they often show signs of this with the number of scratches on them).  However, this turned up.

Yes, I know it's a watch,

 but it has a really long strap - really long....

weird or what!

here it is alongside a conventional watch

and still working - amazing considering where it was found.

We've come to the conclusion it would be a surfers watch and they would put it around their leg instead of their wrist.  Why on earth somebody would wear a watch there I will never understand, especially if they are surfing at the time.  Can you imagine they are on their board about to take the crest of a wave and think - "Umm, I wonder what the time is?" 

Perhaps we are wrong
although we are probably right.


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sketches in my folding booklet

You may remember I showed you the little sketchbook I had made from one sheet of paper....this post.

I keep this in my bag so when we are out and about I can just jot down a few lines or draw a bit more detail and add some paint.  These are where I am at the moment...

I'm having fun with this sketchbook and so pleased I made it.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Journey down to Crediton

The other day we drove down to Crediton.  We could have chosen a quicker route, but rather like to take things easy and enjoy the scenery on the Eggesford road.  In fact we stopped at Eggesford forest for a walk and leg stretch....such a lovely place - although we didn't see them this day, we have in the past caught sight of deer...

Just turning around from the previous photo, you look across the hills to this little church...

and close up....

isn't that sweet.

This is the track we were walking...

and further in the distance - (my zoom on the camera ideal for this distance)...

A gorgeous walk on a gorgeous day.

No doubt we will take this drive again soon.



Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hamish back home....

.....with the fields of gold in the background.  Lucky boy.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fields of Gold

.....don't you just love them - plus this gorgeous weather we are currently couldn't get much better...

Monday, 14 April 2014

Beautiful weather yesterday... out for one of our favourite walks

following the coast path sign...

down the steps...

round the bend...!!

past the primroses bordering the path...

when it opens out to the sea...

not a bad walk for a Sunday.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Using the Location tab in blogs you visit.

I've had a recent discussion with a friend about the Location tab in blog posts.  Turns out my friend wasn't sure how this worked.  Unfortunately she thought you only got to see the Map and not the Street View Scene....well, I pointed out you can use the yellow pegman over the Map, which then automatically brings up Street View.

Say for example....There you are reading a Blog.  They have thoughtfully added Location at the bottom of their post  ....example

When you click on it this comes up...

Picture 1 - The map comes up onscreen, but what happens next...

Picture 2 -  Click  hold and move the pegman over to the Red Exclamation mark (you'll see the roads highlighted blue at this point)

Picture 3 - MAKE SURE the Circle below your pegman is OVER the bottom part of the Red Exclamation.......then let go of the pegman -  the screen will now automatically zoom in on its own and come up with the Street View image.

Try clicking below on the Location tab and try this out.

I have to say that this is a really useful Tab to have and when people add the Location, it is so nice to actually go and see where they are referring to.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Art Abandonment

I have just left some art in my first Art Abandonment, through the Facebook group of that name - read about it here.

One place that gives me a lot of inspiration is the National Trust property, Arlington Court, so where better than to leave my art there for people to find and keep.  I do hope, that if somebody finds it, they will let us know on the Facebook group Art Abandonment.

These are the pieces I left and locations ...

Can't wait to leave 

more paintings to be found another day