Monday, 20 April 2015

Our visit to Tyntesfield

Another National Trust property on our agenda for our recent trip. 

This house very different from the one in the previous post - we could see it for one thing - What no scaffolding!!

A lovely approach to the building, but in fact the main entrance was
on the other side, which I'll get to showing you later.

First, and as you approach the building there's this little
summer house on the left. You can just see it in the above photo

The house has it's own Chapel...

here's a close-up of the detailing on the building...

and finally made my way round to the main entrance...

Although there was a lot to see inside, I didn't take much in the way of
photos.  For one thing photos are restricted to non-flash photography but
there is always another visit - meanwhile I did like the hallway and staircase in the photo above and 
this gorgeous window in the photos below...

After all this, it was good to stop and
do some sketching of the outbuildings...

then back to the car...through this unusual gate...

You might have wondered where was William during all this....

Dogs aren't allowed around the formal gardens, so he was
taken for his walk around the parkland on the estate....

yes, you guessed it, that will be another post!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sketching time

Here's a link to Dyrham Park Facebook page


I had some spare time during our recent visit to Dyrham Park (see previous post)

and sat in the shade of some trees on a very nice picnic seat

whilst having a cup of coffee....

didn't draw anything significant, just relaxed and drew what was

in front of me, which happened to be my camera case

and over a two page spread, some cars nearby

I like how this goes across the wire ringbinder

Next post

will be

another National Trust watch out for that tomorrow!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Another trip away...

I know - we have been away - AGAIN!....and to keep to tradition here, I'm going to share the trip with you.  We went to some National Trust properties, so I think this post, and probably another, will be based on these visits.

I'm going to start with DYRHAM PARK ...I've heard about it and as we were in the area we stopped off there.  Now, it has to be said that if you were in need of scaffolding, in this area, at this time, you would probably and most likely be totally out of luck, as I think Dyrham has nabbed it all...I kid you not....take a look

They get the prize for the largest amount of
scaffolding that COMPLETELY covers the building
to the point they had to put a 'picture'  on the front
to remind people there is a building hidden there!

To be honest the scaffolding was well thought out (probably the best I have ever seen and I have seen a lot in my time)...even from the photo above you can see it is well 'designed'

The whole of the roof is being replaced, so all the slates and lead are coming off.  It will take over a year to complete this job costing in excess of 3 million pounds!

the picture above and below here of the side of the building. This does show that the scaffolding went far higher than the actual building
and there are glass lifts on it!

I thought the picture below looked like a 'set' from the Ideal Home Exhibition, but it isn't - this is the real thing.

It was difficult to get photos without the metal work ...
but I did achieve a couple...

I didn't take photos inside the house, although photographs are allowed providing you don't use the flash.  The strange thing is, all this ongoing works didn't spoil the visit at all, in fact it made it even more interesting.  Saying that there is also more to see in the grounds but we will revisit when the scaffolding has gone and that will give me the opportunity for another blog post about this gorgeous place.

Oh...and in case anyone has wondered how to pronounce the name,


it does have an odd spelling after all....

'deer um'

Monday, 13 April 2015

They're back and out of hibernation....



spotted three in one day 

this one was enjoying a bit of sunshine.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

A grand day of painting

Had such a great time yesterday down at Woodbury, Exeter.   I went to another Watercolour Workshop ran by professional artist Matthew Palmer.   Always entertaining whilst being informative on watercolour techniques, plus you get to enjoy the company of fellow painters during the day.

Our painting yesterday was "Bluebell woodland with rustic barn" and this is my completed piece...

here's a couple of close ups

I know I can do a painting without tuition, but I think it's important to sometimes listen to how others go about their art and teaching.  It makes us stop in our tracks and consider if we are becoming too 'inward thinking' with our art...after all most of us paint alone in our studios.  I really think these Workshops revive the way we think.

Matthew also does online classes (no I'm not being sponsored by saying this)
but I do think it's worth checking out.

 Link: Matthew Palmer - Watercolour TV

Saturday, 11 April 2015

In case you have missed this...

....I help out with the Admin. on

a painting/sketching/drawing challenge blog

with host Lynn Cohen in the USA

Do check it out and

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