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Monday, 20 January 2014

Travel sketches

On our recent trip I did manage to do some en plein air sketches....well, I should really call it
 'en plein car' sketching  -

 no way was I going to sit out in the cold and rain to sketch, but the warmth of the car was perfect.

Retail therapy as well, perfect combination!   I used my moleskine sketchbook and as you see I don't let any space go to waste, I even used the inner cover of the book for this....

Hobby Craft here I come and I bought one of these...

always wanted a glue gun, now nothing will be safe from me, I've lots of little projects to get on with ....including snow globes...I have been saving jars in readiness for ages.

For some reason, when we are away, I always end up sketching the dressing table of our hotel room!...

Having gone over to Bath (see previous post) I quickly sketched the Abbey.  No car to sit in for this, I literally had to stand there (hoping not to look too silly and touristy - okay perhaps I failed in that)
but I got this sketch done nonetheless...

                     We also went up to Gloucestershire, but I'll save those sketches for another post.

                                                   Hope you are having a good start to the week.


  1. I really like your sketch of Bath Abbey. I'm hopeless at sketching buildings. BTW... lots of info about the beach clean up at Woolacombe here:
    were you there?

    1. I'm not into buildings much, but I don't mind loose sketches of them, especially when they are as detailed as the Abbey. We didn't make it down to the beach clean as we were busy already, but hopefully next pleased folks got together, it really needed it.

  2. Lovely sketches, as always! Word of VERY careful with the glue gun! That glue gets HOT! ;)

    1. Thanks Robin, advice taken - I'll be ultra careful with it :-)

  3. "En plein car" sketching is much better than standing out in the cold or rain. I like your sketch from the hotel room...that is always a good thing to sketch...preferably with a glass of wine in hand. lol Love the photos in the post below. Looks like a nice place to visit!

    1. Ah, there was a glass of wine Joan, but I'd already finished it, lol :-)

  4. Fun post. Left me wanting more. :))
    Glue guns are nice. We have a couple. Dangerous things tho I can see lots of,sparkle,on everything :))
    I glued fringe and what not on lamp shades etc. Do share with us what you do plz :)

    1. I'll be careful with it Cris, and yes I'll post here what I long as my fingers aren't stuck, lol :-)


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